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This game... This was the first "rapid prototype" that I did for a class by the same name at Johnson County Community College Spring 2015. It was the first game I ever made with Unity3D.

The assignment: Make a game that embodies the theme "Invincibility".

What I tired to do was tell the story of a kung fu master through a series of mini games.

1st mini game:

File folders away in your office (by color) while catching arrows.

2nd mini game:

Kung-fu fight a ninja while you catch falling groceries.

3rd mini game:

Drink a beer (by mashing the space bar) while dodging punches (Pressing left or right when indicated) and not getting bumped by patrons which makes you spill said beer (stop pressing space when people are behind you).

Although the game was completed within the 2 week time span, it taught me a lot about all the myriads of ways things can go horribly wrong. The first thing I learned, though, was don't do my own art. Although my skill in art is fairly practiced, it took up a good 70% of my dev time leaving everything else kind of lacking.

A presentation on this prototype can be found on my YouTube Channel.

Install instructions

unzip .exe and data folder into same location.

Double click .exe


Invincibility.zip 106 MB

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