A downloadable idle game for Windows

This game was for college prototyping course work Spring 2015 for the class Rapid Prototyping at Johnson County Community College. The assignment was simply: "Make an idle game".

I took a while to figure out what an Idle game "was" and I found that it boiled down to a loop cycle. You do a task to earn points. Those points are also a currency. You spend that currency at a store for upgrades. Those upgrades help you gain more points more quickly. Rinse and repeat.


Click the unicorn's face to vomit rainbows.


Get points.


Spend points to get more points.


Current build is windows only

A presentation on this prototype can be found on my YouTube Channel.

Cheat code:

Press "m" for extra points to test extreme upgrades.

Note: There is no audio save for the credits page

Install instructions

  1. download and unzip the .zip archive. Keep the Data folder and the .exe in the same location
  2. Run the .exe
  3. enjoy rainbow vomit


An Idle Game.zip 9 MB

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