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This is the digital version of http://n00basaurus.itch.io/dungeon-crawl done for my final project in Fall 2015 Game Design 2.

This is more of a pure prototype and doesn't really play like a game. The purpose of this is to show what each room would be like if this was a fully developed rail shooter.

A presentation on this prototype can be found on my YouTube Channel.



As elf (cube) you shoot arrows by point and clicking the right mouse button.

As knight (sphere) you block with right mouse click

(Other controls)

Press "M" key to spawn monsters (with random chance for treasure spawn)

Press "T" to spawn treasure (contains 1x health)

Press "Space" to shoot a magic bullet at the player (test knight shield and health loss)

when health == 0, Pres "Return" key for credits

Install instructions

Unzip .exe and data folder into same location. Run .exe.


This prototype MUST be run in windowed mode. For some reason, the specific version of Unity3D v.5 has a nasty bug when trying to run games in full screen that causes the hit boxes for UI elements to be non-responsive.

It works fine in Windowed mode, just be mindful of your screen size.


Dungeon Crawl Digital.zip 14 MB

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