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This was my first ever "game". No really, it was. It was the first product from class that wasn't taken directly from a lesson plan or a tutorial. I true and honest "go build a game on your own" attempt.

Everything is made by me save for the music. The music was an audio file I had laying around that I slapped in there to "smoke test" background music. Most of the music comes from an Electro Swing playlist I have on YouTube (also known as prohibition house).

Daddy [feat. Sammy Kaye] - Swing Republic

Pop the Bubbly [feat. Giorgio] - Brigantine

Pony Swing [The Real Tuesday Weld Remix] - Dr. Cat & DJ Pony

(there's a few other tracks way down the line there but I can't remember which ones they are)

A presentation on Brush Simulator can be found on my YouTube Channel.

Published Jan 01, 2016
AuthorCasey Shreve

Install instructions

Unpack the file and run the .exe


Brush Simulator.zip 100 MB

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