A downloadable game

Controls: Mouse to look

Right click white orbs to illuminate areas

WSAD to move

This was my final project for Spring 2015 Rapid Prototyping at Johnson County Community College.

There were a lot of new and interesting things I was doing with this build. I explored a little bit of Unity3D's (v.4) Navmesh. I also wanted to play with the idea that light and dark can be represented in an ambivalent way.

This prototype was inspired by my studies in film at the University of Kansas: German Expressionism of the early 1900's (which became the genre we know now as "film noir"). I used only stark lighting. Bright brights and dark darks. Each extreme has a trade off.

In darkness, you are safe from monsters but you can not see where you are going.

In light you can see where to go but the monsters can also see you.

A presentation on this prototype can be found on my YouTube channel.

Install instructions

Unzip data folder and .exe into same location. Run .exe.


DarkAndLight.zip 10 MB

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