A downloadable game for Windows

Controls: Hold left arrow or right arrow || <--- or --->

Goal: Follow the arrows as they light up to complete the level.

Fail: all of your balls get destroyed by running into the dark green "fail zones".

As part of the final project in Spring 2015 Game Design 1 at Johnson County Community College, we had to design a game that follows the rules of the Dogma 2001 challenge. It is described fully in the article by Gamasutra linked below.


Although I was one of the few students that adhered to the full dogma rules, I found the rules to significantly favor abstract games rather than games that have any sort of coherent theme or story.

It was a very tough challenge and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.

This is also the first game that I've called "Balls!". Usually it's more of a descriptor than a title as the only controllable object within the games I make like this are basic primitive spheres... I.E. balls.

A presentation on this prototype can be found on my YouTube channel.

Install instructions

Unzip .exe and data folder into same location. Run .exe.


CShreve Balls Dogma Challenge.zip 8 MB

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