A downloadable game

Lucidity is a "CYOA", Choose Your Own Adventure, game that I did for class at Johnson County Community College named: Digital Narratives for Games this past week. I'm actually quite proud of how it came out.

I grappled a little bit with the concept of how to turn an "interactive novel" into more of a "game" when I wrote this adventure. What I concluded was the break between an interactive novel and a "game" was primarily player agency. Where in a novel, interactive or not, the user has little to no agency, a game is pretty much all about what the player "can do" within a set of rules.

I decided that adding randomness to some of the areas, a very rudimentary combat system, as well as "hidden paths" would increase player agency in such a way as to make it feel less like a railroaded story and more like that of an interactive adventure where your survival and your outcome is not predetermined.

The narrative itself is a mix of "branching paths" and "multiple endings" style of game story telling. As per the assignment, it uses "the hero's journey" and has multiple decision points that take the player through different sections of the the story based on their choices.

It was created using Unity3d v5 and a piece of powerful story telling middle-ware named Fungus. Story, composition, and flowchart were designed and written by me.

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the files
  2. Open the folder for the right operating system
  3. Run the main application file


The focus of this game was entirely the writing (made for an English class) so it doesn't have some of the handy shortcuts programmed into it (like press ESC to quit).

To exit out, you need to close the application:

Windows/Linux: Alt + F4

Mac: Command + Q


Lucidity.zip 71 MB