A downloadable Color Ball for Windows and macOS

The university student group that I am in held several game jams over this summer. The very last one was this past week. We had one week to design a game based on a randomized theme. The theme this last time around was "Alchemy".

To play this game you have to think about colors. Use your gun to remove barriers that block your path.

Move is standard WSAD. Right mouse button to fire.

This level shows the potential for the game to have color based puzzle elements. Further development of this game would include things like color based enemies as well, with AI that would guard and be vulnerable through color coordinated areas.

A short presentation on this prototype can be found on my YouTube channel.

Install instructions

Unzip directory,

Keep .exe file and .data folder in the same location,

run the .exe


Alchemy Build.rar 28 MB
Alchemy for mac.rar 29 MB