A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is my WAG challenge entry. I had an issue that prevented me from uploading it to the jam's website. The drop down menu wouldn't display the game title so I couldn't enter a submission. The seconds ticked down to the end, and it didn't get submitted. But with luck, the problems got resolved and I even included a mac build! Yay!

I'm very inexperianced to making games, and even less so when it comes to making jams. In the end, I couldn't finish out my script. I ran into a couple scripting complications so what is there ends in a big cliff hanger.

I included the script with the prototype .zip file in hopes that the rest of the game could be imagined from the base of the prototype.

Things happen, you select options, and you have a conversation with the game. It's a very "dating sim" approach, but I wanted to focus on writing dialogue. I could use the practice at it.

Please mind that it has minimal art and no sound. This is due to a mix of time, the fact that I was doing this solo by myself and I have limited resources for things like sound, and that I was focused entirely upon the writing.

Thank you for your time.

Install instructions

Un-.rar the file. Keep the exicutable and the .data folder in the same location. Run the exicutable.


ADISC.rar 15 MB
macADISC.rar 17 MB